Compexit Autorulate

Compexit Autorulate

Rebrush, Responsive Design, Development, TYPO3 (Cluj Napoca, România)



Responsive design, Development, TYPO3 (Mainz, Germany)



Responsive design, Development, TYPO3 (Mainz, Germany)

Branding and concept

The website is the most efficient way to communicate with your customers. An attractive design and easy maintenance are some of the most important.

What we do is to ensure that your brand and identity are joined with the performance, security and reliability of TYPO3 to make your visitors enjoy browsing your website.

Responsive design

Given the evolution of technology in a smartphone or tablet nowadays they can surf the Internet is becoming more accessible to the population. This involves consideration of several variables when we design website design.

The design must adapt to the screen or a computer running, tablet, smartphone or TV without affecting the functionality of the website.


Tired of complicated and expensive solution? You need separate custom made extension to your business development? Please contact us and send us your ideas and we will turn into solutions.

We have accumulated considerable experience over time in developing complex or less complex projects using TYPO3 CMS system.


SEO is very important in promoting your business. With SEO you can optimize your pages to appear in search engines when someone searches for something: that the results of a key search.

Text, keywords, page titles and the right image in the right positions helps visitors quickly find what they seek.


Customer training for website maintenance is needed because TYPO3 is a bit special and has special functionalities. Once created website needs periodic changes such as creating pages, uploading images, edit text, etc.

We also offer online or offline documentation with which maintenance of the website will be much easier. If you have questions or need advice please do not hesitate to contact us.

Support and maintenance

We provided for each customer an online support system where you can add questions or commands. You also have the possibility to track the status of your orders or answers to your questions.

Of course you can email or phone us, but we recommend using the online support system because there you can see the history and status of your request.


Because TYPO3 needs some special packages installed on the server to work properly like Image Magick, GD Graphics Library, zlib, mod_rewrite, PHP-cache we especially offer hosting for this CMS.

You can choose between servers located in Romania with Windows OS - supporting ASP, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Control Panel Plesk, PHP, MySQL, Python or Linux OS - supporting PHP, MySQL, Control Panel, WHM, Script installer, Scanare SPAM și Anti-Virus, Suport 24/7.